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If the order is cancelled before the rental is shipped, no cancellation fee will be imposed. However, if the order has already been shipped an administrative fee is applicable. Cancellation fees are dependent on rental service. Please call Dataroam for specific cancellation charges.
No. Because this is a data only solution any calls and texts would be made via data applications, these services would instead deduct from your data bundle.


This is a European solution, coverage is restricted to European countries – please view the Homepage to view a complete list of qualifying countries.
No. The SIM will not work outside of the qualifying countries. If you roam into a non-qualifying country the SIM will not work, it will begin working again if you re-enter a qualifying country.
No, the service will not work in the U.S.. This is a European only solution.

Delivery & Collection

Dataroam uses express small parcel couriers for most shipments, i.e., Federal Express and the U.S. Postal Service. In cities where same-day deliveries are available, Dataroam may use an in-house messenger or courier service, orders may also be picked up at Dataroam’s Richardson, TX location.
Yes, priority overnight delivery is available for an additional charge. For priority overnight delivery charges, please refer to the delivery options in the Select shipping & Activation section within the order process.
Saturday delivery is available for an additional charge to most US destinations. For Saturday delivery charges, please refer to the delivery options in the Select Shipping & Activation section within the order process..
Ground shipping is FREE, express shipping is available for an additional charge. Please see delivery options in the Select shipping & Activation section within the order process.
Due to security issues, Dataroam will not deliver to airports.
Unless otherwise requested, deliveries will be shipped via USPS or Federal Express ground service for delivery three to five business days from date of shipment, there are no delivery time guarantees for this service. Overnight and two-day services are available at additional cost and are subject to the carrier’s published delivery time guarantees.

Device & Usage Details

Dataroam's European Dataroam product is a data-only solution and will not allow cellular calls nor cellular texts. You can however place calls and send texts over data-applications such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype. Dataroam recommends these apps be downloaded to your device(s) prior to travel.
No registration or activation is required with this SIM. Simply insert the SIM into your device, then change the APN settings on your device per the included instructions to start using the Internet. Please note: you must change the APN settings on your device in order for our SIM card to work properly, this change should be done once you insert the Dataroam SIM into your device.
Yes, you must change the APN setting on your device to the following (all case sensitive):
  • APN: internet
  • Username: LEAVE BLANK
  • Password: LEAVE BLANK (Please make sure Data Roaming is set to ON)
The settings are likely to be in the Cellular Data section of your device. See your device user manual for instructions, or contact Dataroam Support at 1-214-509-5745, option 2 for assistance. When you return to the U.S. simply insert your U.S. SIM into your device and the APN settings will automatically default back to your U.S. network setting.
Please make sure your device is not locked to your current cellular provider. If you aren't sure, an easy way to check this is to put a SIM card from a different operator into your device and see if it still works. If this works your device is not locked. If your device is locked you can get it unlocked by contacting your current cellular provider.
Please note: this is a data only solution so your Dataroam SIM will not work outside of Europe, even in an unlocked device.
Devices must be GSM/LTE capable and must be unlocked and not tied (locked) to any cellular network. The SIM works with all data devices and tablets - if inserted into a USB dongle or MiFi mobile hotspot device, you can also connect your laptop computer to receive data.
Data Roaming should be 'On' if the Dataroam SIM is in your device. If the Prepaid data SIM is being used in an external device, i.e., a MiFi, Data Roaming should be Off on your device. The device containing the Dataroam SIM must have Data Roaming set to “On”.
The Dataroam Prepaid data SIM is a three-part SIM which means that it can be punched out of the card holder to meet any size requirement - Standard, Micro or Nano.
No, SIM cards do not need to be returned. Dataroam will disconnect your SIM card on the date you requested when you placed your order, please destroy the SIM when you have completed your trip. Should you wish to retain the SIM for future activation please notify Dataroam you wish to do so and store the SIM in a safe place. When you’re ready to travel again simply notify Dataroam and the SIM will be reactivated.

Plan Details

The SIM card will only expire if it is not used for a one year period. Your data bundles will expire 30 days from activation. Should you wish to retain your number beyond the one year period for use at a later time, please notify Dataroam and we will make arrangements to hold your number.
Yes, the data bundle is valid for 30 days from activation date. The disconnect date will be the date provided by the user at time of order, the SIM will be automatically disconnected on this date – you will not need to notify Dataroam in advance.
Should you run through your 10GB of high-speed data prior to either the disconnect date you provided, or the end of your 30-day activation period, you will be charged an overage rate of $3.99 per GB. The line will continue to work until either the disconnect date you provided or the end of the 30 day billing cycle.
Yes. Should you discover you will need the SIM card beyond the disconnect date you provided at the time you placed your order, simply contact Dataroam at support.dataroam.com, or call us at +1-214-509-5745, select option 1, and we will process your request. Additional months can be purchased at the same price as your original purchase: $24.99 per month for 10GBs of high-speed data, $3.99 per GB overage.
No, the bundle is fixed at 10GBs, overage at $3.99 per GB afterward. The bundle renews at the start of each 30 day period.
Usage can be tracked on your device under Settings. If you received a Mobile Hotspot device from Dataroam the data total will have been reset to zero prior to dispatch, this total automatically resets at the start of each calendar month so if your usage period crosses between months please make note of your usage prior to the 1st of the next month.
Yes. Dataroam will notify you each time your usage reaches $100 in network billing (approximately 20GB of overage charges). These notifications are dependent on the receipt of network call feeds, they are intended as a guide and not an accurate depiction of actual usage – this will appear on your final invoicing.

Your Dataroam SIM card purchase may
offset your carbon footprint
made by your trip to Europe.



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